Abandoned And Unwanted After Hurricane Irma: This Pupper Has A Brand New Leash On Life

I’m not crying, you are.

The start of this tearjerking tale was in late August of 2017. when Hurricane Irma ravaged Caribbean Islands along with portions of the US mainland.

The devastation of Irma forced a great portion of the USA to migrate north, and not everyone was willing/able to have their animals tag along w/ them to safety😏

A quick story background given by reporter Kellie Rowe on this specific pup, comes from the reporter’s Twitter account. Rowe reveals that this poor pupper was continuously passed over by adopters at a shelter because of his skinny, malnourished look.  After being rescued by the shelter during Hurricane Irma, Pluto needed to gain a few pounds.

Pluto the dog saved from hurricanes looking for forever home / FOX2 Detroit


It looks as though the stellar reporting by Kelli Rowe paid off because within a week Pluto found a new home with a wonderful family, and was even given a new name: Gordie Hound.

I’m not crying, you are!

When internet users who had been keeping track of the story were told the good news, everyone got a bit of the feels.

via Twitter

via Twitter

via Twitter


Big thanks to Kellie Rowe for her hard work!

via twitter.com/kellierowe

And Congratulations to the wonderful Cheesewright family for being open to caring for such a pawesome pupper!

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