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All Dog Lovers Will Love Dogspotting With “The Dogist”

The Dogist is a digital magazine with photography capturing some of the greatest dog stories around.

With over three million followers it is photographer and best selling author Elias Weiss Friedman’s mission to tell the brief stories of dogs that he meets on an almost daily basis. And boy does he capture some great stories along with some very beautiful doggos.

Here we were able to find some of the top posts from this wonderful Instagram account for your reading pleasure. Meet the doggos below.

Luna, Bernese Mountain Dog (7 y/o), Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY • “She killed my son’s parakeet and left it at the door as a gift. Her name was Dumpling.”


Fred, Irish Setter (3 y/o), Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY • “It’s a nostalgic dog for a lot of people. He’s named after Friedrich Nietzsche and he loves the carpet.”


Remington, Boxer (8 m/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “He got into my chocolate chip cookies and spent the night in the hospital. I came home and he was acting crazy and then saw that the entire bag had been destroyed, so I got his stomach pumped. He had a little bandage where his IV was.”


Gen, Dachshund/Terrier mix (5 m/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “She’s a Hurricane Harvey rescue from an abandoned puppy mill in Texas. All the bottom crates got flooded – her crate was above the water, so she survived.”


Oxy, Welsh Terrier (8 y/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “When the TV is on and any four-legged creature comes on, he attacks – like it’s in his house.”


Lucia, Pug (3 y/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “She won Best in Show in Russia. She has a Russian passport. She came over to breed puppies but she couldn’t have them. She has a much better life now.”


Lloyd, Boxer/Pit Bull mix (4 m/o), Astor Place, New York, NY • “Today was his first day at the dog park. He made three friends and kept two. Zero hump incidents.”


Atticus, Brittany (5 y/o), 17th & Broadway, New York, NY • “When he was a puppy he had to go to the bathroom really badly, so he chewed through the AC accordion thing to go out at four in the morning. I had to go get him in my underwear and I got locked out. The super got me two hours later. I was outside in my underwear from 4-6am in March.”


Sebastian, St. Bernard (2 y/o), 20th & 5th Ave., New York, NY • “He has his own bedroom and weighs 130 pounds. The vet thinks he probably weighs more because he doesn’t fully fit on the scale.”


Bailey & Olive, Airedale Terriers (4 y/o & 6 m/o), Narbrook Park, Narberth, PA • “They like people’s underwear – they chew and eat them. Bailey also pees with her leg up.”


Junior, Golden Retriever (9 y/o), West Mill Creek Park, Narberth, PA • “He likes collecting rocks. He’s known for going into the creek and taking out rocks – he’s been doing it for nine years. He’ll set them down in a stack and bark at them. If they don’t move he’ll get furious with them. He doesn’t understand gravity. His Indian name would be ‘Barks at Rocks’.”


For more of The Dogist’s incredible photos and dog briefs order his newest book “The Dogist Puppies” by clicking here.


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