Nine Valuable Lessons About Dogs By The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan

Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer is one of the greatest trainers on earth because he doesn’t just train dogs, he trains dog owners as well.

According to Millan dogs are some of the greatest teachers.

On his social media accounts Millan uses his presence to continue to teach us his great understanding of dogs.

Listed below are 10 lessons taught by Cesar Millan via his Twitter account.

1. There are no bad breeds. There are just dogs that need to be rehabilitated because humans have failed them.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

2. Dogs show us the most important moral values in life: trust, respect, and love.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

3. Dogs are our teachers. They know how to celebrate life by living in the moment.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

4. We may not recognize it, but dogs are lifelines to a part of ourselves that we are at risk of losing altogether.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

5. One thing we can learn from dogs is how to appreciate and enjoy life in its smallest detail, every single day.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

6. Four years can be a very long time and a very short time. It seems like only yesterday that Daddy was with me.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

*Lesson, losing a dog is painful, even for someone who is around numerous dogs at all times. Always cherish the time you spend with your furry best friends.

7. Here’s to the one who’s always by your side.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

*Lesson: The connection between a dog and owner is something that is hard to match in life. A great dog will always be by your side.

8. Your calm and confident leadership.

*Lesson: Good dogs are products of patient and effective leadership via the person or people it spends most of its time with.

Source: Cesar Millan Twitter

9. Last but not least, love your dogs, because they love you!

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