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    10 Photos Of Dogs And Their Celebrity Owners That Are So… Just… Yasss!

    From celebs like J. Lo to other notable figures like  John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, dogs are a constant companion. In this spirit, we decided to gather some familiar faces of the entertainment industry spending time with their adorable furry faced friends.   These photos filled with love and joy all-around, pretty much prove life […]

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    Keeping Up With The Pawdashians: Meet Kim Kardashian’s Dog ‘Sushi’

    Sushi is one of the finest dishes known to man, and is also the name of reality star Kim Kardashian’s daughters recently adopted pomeranian tea cup. This floofy pupperino recently made waves when it was featured on an episode of Keeoing Up With The Kardashians. It seemed as if all hope was lost for ‘Sushi’ […]

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